A headshot of a light-skinned transmasculine person in a button-down shirt, with brown hair dyed blue at the ends.


Dylan Baker is a Seattle-based engineer and researcher at the Distributed AI Research (DAIR) Institute. Originally a software engineer working on machine learning at Google Research, their work is now centered on studying the ethics of machine learning systems and finding accessible ways to communicate issues of machine learning ethics to a wide range of communities.

Their research has been published in highly-selective computer science conferences such as FAccT and AAAI; their writing about tech ethics has been featured in venues like Antiheroine and the Stanford Social Innovation Review; and their interactive articles and workshops have become a part of computer science curricula at universities like Stanford and the University of Edinburgh. Prior to their focus on ethics, they published machine learning work as early as 2014 that landed in the top-tier neuroscience journal Neuron, and their later ML work was featured in both internal Google research products and public-facing products such as the Google Nest Hub Max.